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Doubt anyone will read it as usually people don't pay attention to what I say, to my existence actually, but whatever. This is experimental work based on over 40 AI generated images of mostly environment elements and parts of the body of the figure. I was testing thoroughly how AI processes my prompts regarding human anatomy and I must say, there's much to do in this field for AI generators authors but as I See they are more focused on algorithms producing cute anime faces for now. Now I am not that hysterical over AI as most people are because hysteria will only halt progress and limit our ability to actually utilize AI to our advantage. We cannot escape technology and I find it amusing when humanity so eagerly allows their smartphones to plan their lives and think for them but when it comes to AI generated images there we have war. We trained technology to replace our brains and free will yes? Is this not what we are trying to achieve, judging by what we do to our lives, to Earth, to other people? So sit down for a minute and stop judging others only because they are honest. Rules must be set of course as to how global base of images should be used by AI image generators, but why don't we discuss it globally, artists with AI generators authors, lawyers etc. I believe simply bashing those who admit to use AI is not the way to progress in any way, it will only increase the grey area. It so reminds me of when e-books were introduced, the panic, the prophecies of paper books disappearing. If we don't give ourselves free will to choose then yes, all can happen.
Also, what is AI? This is result of human brain mechanics because it is us who teach the program. Come to think of it, we are all AI, programmed by technology, mass media and those few who hold world economy in their hands. So stop panicking, better go create some fancy stuff and think how AI can be actually utilized.
As an aside, some are limited physically yet they want to see images they dream about. Should we disallow them? What about those who cannot walk, should be forbid them going outside their homes? I myself have issues with my hands, wrists at the moment but I will not stop creating images just because some high head told me I am not allowed to use tools I was given. Hypocrisy is our worst enemy, not AI.

January 7, 2023